Our Commitment to Sustainable Development: New EcoVadis Score 2023-2024

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Dear Clients, Partners, Colleagues, Friends,

We are thrilled to present the results of our latest EcoVadis evaluation for the year 2023-2024, a pivotal step in our commitment to Sustainable Development!

Following our initial assessment in 2022, where we received the Bronze medal with a global score of 49/100, we dedicated ourselves to strengthening our approach to this crucial subject.

We are proud to announce that once again, we have achieved a Bronze medal, this time with a significantly improved global score of 56/100, a clear advancement from last year.

Although there remains a three-point difference from attaining the Silver medal, we consider this progress a triumph, as it signifies our unwavering efforts to embed sustainable practices across all aspects of our company.

Certainly, we recognize there is still progress to be made, and we view this result as an encouragement to persevere in our commitment for the years ahead.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our Employees, Clients, Partners, and Friends for their ongoing support in our quest for sustainable excellence. Together, we continue our mission to build a more responsible and environmentally respectful future!

Stay tuned to follow our upcoming actions and initiatives in Sustainable Development. We are eager to share our future progress and successes with you!

Best regards

The eres Sustainability Team

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Development: New EcoVadis Score 2023-2024


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